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I’m not that familiar with the commenting side of things on this blog site. We are told to post at least one comment a week on one of our class mates posts. I am going to teach you how to write a good quality comment in this post. I hope it somehow helps you in some way.

Tip 1- always read the blog post! Obviously once you read what the post is about you will have some kind of idea on which your comment is going to be about. Also try to always have a connection between the comment and the blog post. Don’t fully change the subject of the post in your comment.

Tip 2- always be positive. Even when you are giving feedback or telling them something they may have done wrong, do it on a positive note, like you are trying to help them out. Complement them on how they wrote something or what they wrote about etc.

Tip 3- sound interested. If you aren’t interested in their post just pretend you are, it will make their day. Include a question based on the topic of the blog in your comment. This way they can reply back and you then have a connection with that person. It could be good to include some facts or information you know about the topic. Say they wrote about pigs and they didn’t write a fact you may know, include that fact in your comment.

Tip 4- have good grammar. This site is about spelling and grammar so there is no use writing a comment that is full of mistakes. Also this comment can be read worldwide so you want people to understand what you are trying to say.

So yes that is all the tips I have and maybe I will start using them as well.

Maya Angelou

Maya was born in St. Louise in Missouri, United States. She grew up in St. Louise with her parents until they split apart when she was three years of age. She and her brother, Bailey was sent to live with their grandmother in a town called Stamps in Arkansas.
Maya and her brother had an especially hard life growing up. Her brother was born a year before her and they had a tight relationship. They saw a lot of horrible things kids usually wouldn’t see at their age. They were both African American and had to experience firsthand racism and discrimination. When Maya was at the age of seven she visited her mother, there she was raped by her mother’s new boyfriend. The boyfriend was then killed by Maya’s uncles not long after. Maya, traumatized by the experience she had just witnessed didn’t speak a word for 5 years after.
She moved away to San Francisco where she won a scholarship at California labour school. There she studied dance and acting. During labour school, Maya got a job as a cable car conductor but it didn’t last long. She was the first female to have that job. At only sixteen years of age Maya fell pregnant whilst in a relationship that didn’t last long. Once ‘Guy’ was born, Maya had worked numerous jobs to care for her and her son.
Maya’s career as a performer started during the mid 1950’s when she played a role in the movie ‘Porgy and Bess’. Not long after she appeared in the Calypso Heat Wave, although, it was when she played a role in the movie ‘The Blacks’ when she became well known. Maya Angelou soon moved to Egypt for a change of creative ideas. After living in Egypt, she moved to Gahanna where she was an instructor, administrator at Gahanna University.
During her spare time she studied the languages French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and west African language frantic. She then returned to the United the states, where she was requested by a friend to write about her life experiences, which resulted in a successful 1960, memoir of her life. The Book was called ‘I know why the cage bird sings.’ The book made literary history. It was the number one non-fiction book written by an African American woman. This led her to be an International star. She broke new ground educationally and socially.
Her love life came later in her life when she met Zuzanki Mate a South American civil rights activist in the big city New York.
While Maya was mute for five years she continuously studied and memorized poems. She memorized around 60 sonnets from Shakespear. This was a reason she was so good at writing in her career. You can find a lot of information about Maya’s life by looking into her poems, songs and the types of movies she is in. They show how her mother wasn’t quite in her and her brother, Bailey’s lives when they were growing up. When the two were older, they both became close friends with the mum and grew a good relationship. Her mother was a very strait forward person. She went by a lot of sayings. My favourite saying of hers would be ‘if you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.’ Maya and her brother were told all of the mum’s sayings and learnt to live by them. In Maya’s creations (poems, etc.) she talks about racism and the world around her that she grew up in. The society around Maya reflected heavily in her creations
She came home running
back to the mothering blackness
deep in the smothering blackness
white tears icicle gold plains of her face
She came home running

She came down creeping
here to the black arms waiting
now to the warm heart waiting
rime of alien dreams befrosts her rich brown face
She came down creeping

She came home blameless
black yet as Hagar’s daughter
tall as was Sheba’s daughter
threats of northern winds die on the desert’s face
She came home blameless
1. Subject: The subject of this poem in my opinion is that someone is taking advantage of a black young girl. The girl is crying to her mother like something terrible has happened to her. In the last paragraph it says that the girl is blameless. This means that there must be someone else to blame and they have done something to her. It also makes you think that the girl whom was black, was used.
2. Purpose and theme: I think that the purpose of Maya Angelou writing this is to tell us that something terrible happened to her when she was younger. The way she writes it doesn’t say it is about her, although, by finding out information about her I can see it is about when she was raped. The theme of this is a little bit about racism as well, because when Maya was growing up, she experienced a lot of racism. She also wants us to realise that black humans cared about things because back in the day, black humans weren’t respected.
3. Emotion and mood: The mood this poem makes you feel throughout it is odd. You feel sorry for the child running home to her mother in the darkness. At the beginning you feel sadness and desperation, although, in the middle paragraph you feel a warmth and happiness because the child’s mother is caring for her. Towards the end, again you feel sadness because it said that the girl was blameless.
4. Poetic techniques: the poem is full of different types of techniques. She has used a few different rhyming patterns like starting and finishing each paragraph with the same sentence and also in each paragraph the third line rhymes. Also reading this poem, a picture is created. It creates a scene in your head. Many describing words are used, like ‘her rich brown face.’ Repetition is popular in this poem as well. Every lines last word is repeated at least once through the poem.

  1. Summary: this poem really does give out an impact. Maya tells a sad story of a moment in her life when she was hurt. By telling the story as a poem and not fully indicating that it is about her, it really makes you feel sorry for her. Also t makes you think about how back when she was young the society wasn’t caring for the black.


Zest Fest

The zest fest has been going on for a few years now and it has brought joy to many. The community comes together and creates something amazing. Everyone has a fun time learning new things every single year the zest fest event is on.

Last year when I did dance we all had to learn a little dance sequence that was going to be played on the zest fest night. Ally, Alyssa, Haylee, Amy and I all volunteered to be the samurai and perform the dance on the night. The dance we learned grew bigger every practice we went to, resulting in us playing a bigger role in the play than we had expected. While we learnt the dance, the puppeteers were learning how to puppeteer. I learnt a lot of creative things while at the practices that I would never usually learn anywhere else. I got to hold and play with all the puppets and the other props they were using on the night. We all enjoyed the experience quite a lot.

This year I’m not so involved in it all but I have heard that it is going to be pretty impressive. The people here in Kalbarri are so very lucky to be involved in an event like this and it is sad that this year is the last year it will be held. Thank you Bec for bringing the community together in all of this.


Its late and I am actually tired but I’m going to still write my blog post. I usually say to myself ‘I’ll just do it tomorrow.’ Although, the next day I would say, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ and it turns out in me not really ever doing my blog post. So I’m committing and doing it now.

I like a lot of different styles of music. It really depends on what mood I am in which type of music I will like to listen to. Like right now I’m listening to catchy kind of upbeat music because I don’t want to be tired. I also go through a lot of stages with my favourite singers or singer. Seriously, back in the day I used to only listen to the singer I liked and then I would get sick of them and find someone else. I loved Melanie Martinez for a while and if I now listened to one of her songs I would most likely know all the words. I went on to liking Justin Bieber, I’m a bit ashamed of that but oh well. He was my love at that time and I fully thought his songs were so cool. After that I was obsessed with the 1975. I still like this band but definitely not as much as I did before.

I now try mix it up as much as possible. The way I listen to my music is through Spotify and sometimes Pandora. I like to go on the radios on Spotify and listen to those. The singers that ill choose for the radios are either Sticky Fingers, Tyler the creator, Roses, Frank Ocean or Earl Sweatshirt. They are the main ones I listen to. When I’m on those radios, each song has a like or dislike button and the ones I like all go into a playlist called ‘liked from radio.’ I also like to listen to that because it only has songs that I like in it.

Sorry if it is mumbled etc. My body is slowly collapsing and I can’t type.



When I’m older one of the coolest jobs to have would probably be a skydiving instructor. After you have done your course and are doing the job, you literally get paid to show someone how to jump out of a plane. And you get free sky dive jumps. I have never gone skydiving but I want to so bad. I have read and heard that skydiving is something people get addicted to. I’d want to have some kind of job like that later on rather than anything else.

I like to adventure and explore and one way to do this would to be an airhostess. I have wanted to be one since I was young because that’s what my grandma was before she became a nurse. She always bugs me about becoming either an airhostess or a nurse. Apparently you have to have learnt at least one different language to apply for the job. If I was serious about getting this job later on I would probably start studying the language Indonesian because I already know a tiny bit of it. I would like to have this job though because once you arrive at a destination you can stay there for a few nights. Getting paid to travel around the world seems pretty sweet.

Another job I wouldn’t mind being would be a nurse of some kind. The hours and all the paper work would definitely be the worst part of it all. I’m not really a fan of seeing people get things done to them but I am a fan of doing things to them. I’d rather give someone a needle rather than see someone get a needle. Also in some nursing positions you get a lot of time off work. Or you can also be a nurse that travels. I met a girl at the bluff and she treated me because I had an infection. She was a nurse that sometimes works at her town but usually travels and nurses different people along the way.


I’m in team yellow for netball and my team is on the top of the ladder. We are on the top purely because we have Olympian worthy players. Samael, Wendy and Andrea are all really good netball players and are always the ones that get our team to win.

We lost our first game last week. To be honest I think it’s the hardest game I’ve played all season. The team we versed was the light blue team, they are the team second on the ladder. I think we are a draw though. We played at 1:30 and it was killer hot. There weren’t any nice cool breezes coming through, it was torture. We had to play with only six players for half the game because one of our shooters had to work.

I don’t really want our team to get into the finals because on the same weekend is a yoga festival in Perth. Jax and I yoga a lot and want to go to this festival so much. It’s called wanderlust and it travels all around the world, first time in Perth this year. It has all these well-known yoga teachers come and everything. It all looks so fun to do. Look wanderlust up and watch the video about it, shows you what you do there. I just really want to go.

Night Diving

The holidays were pretty fun, although, I can’t really remember exactly what I did. I spent a lot of the time with my family- we went on trips to places or I got kidnapped by either one of my sisters.

definitely my favourite thing I did during the holiday was night diving. Apparently it was really cold but I wouldn’t know because I was wearing a luxurious new steamer. Eli kindly lent me his steamer thinking he was a tough human and he wouldn’t be cold. Anyway the actual dive was amazing. We went out at the second blue holes. It is completely different under water at night than it is day.  Billions of fish were out that I had never seen before through the day. These tiny fish were in every space in the water going crazy. They were hitting us all over, many got caught in my hair. But the coolest thing we saw out there that night was when an octopus was eating its meal. Every few seconds the occy would stretch out a tentacle and catch a little fish. We watched it for so long, it was somehow satisfying. Honestly, I’m so excited to go again.

The photo is not very clear but it is of the occy having a feast. That green glow stick is attached to Eli’s arm, we all wore one in case our torches broke and we needed to find each other. And those silver long lines are the tiny fish that were everywhere.



little Holiday

A few weeks ago my family and I went up north. Well the twins didn’t come. I love going up there, the memories I make up there are my favourite memories I make.

We were there in Gnaralloo for about two weeks. During the second week Fran, her son and Bec came up. Bec stayed at The Bluff with her friends.

We spent most of the first week at Tombies watching the surf – it was huge. There were heaps of old and new famous surfers out. Dad and and Eli were in paradise. We hung out with lots of people from Kalbarri, met lots of new people and met the same people we had met at the same time last year.

Midgies is a snorkelling area in from Tombies and that’s where a few others and I hung out. Dad didn’t get to drive the whole time – Eli, Sam and I did. Driving was probably my favourite part of going up there. Although I hit a roo at night, that was scary. We did a few Bluff trips and hung out there. The pizza and smoothies are perfect there.

Snorkelling wasn’t nice until the second week because of the big swell. The first real snorkel we did, we saw stingrays, turtles and sharks. There were heaps of fish and things- but I find those things more interesting. I found a few sand dollars which I was happiest about and I’m soon going to make a dream catcher with them and a few other nice shells I found.

Leaving definitely wasn’t fun but I mean we got to buy seventy dollars worth of bananas on the way back. 🙂