Its late and I am actually tired but I’m going to still write my blog post. I usually say to myself ‘I’ll just do it tomorrow.’ Although, the next day I would say, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ and it turns out in me not really ever doing my blog post. So I’m committing and doing it now.

I like a lot of different styles of music. It really depends on what mood I am in which type of music I will like to listen to. Like right now I’m listening to catchy kind of upbeat music because I don’t want to be tired. I also go through a lot of stages with my favourite singers or singer. Seriously, back in the day I used to only listen to the singer I liked and then I would get sick of them and find someone else. I loved Melanie Martinez for a while and if I now listened to one of her songs I would most likely know all the words. I went on to liking Justin Bieber, I’m a bit ashamed of that but oh well. He was my love at that time and I fully thought his songs were so cool. After that I was obsessed with the 1975. I still like this band but definitely not as much as I did before.

I now try mix it up as much as possible. The way I listen to my music is through Spotify and sometimes Pandora. I like to go on the radios on Spotify and listen to those. The singers that ill choose for the radios are either Sticky Fingers, Tyler the creator, Roses, Frank Ocean or Earl Sweatshirt. They are the main ones I listen to. When I’m on those radios, each song has a like or dislike button and the ones I like all go into a playlist called ‘liked from radio.’ I also like to listen to that because it only has songs that I like in it.

Sorry if it is mumbled etc. My body is slowly collapsing and I can’t type.


3 thoughts on “music

  1. Hey! My name is Juliana and I’m from Texas. I am in Mrs. Kriese’s class. I think that It’s cool that you like music. I like music a lot too. Right now, I’m kind of obsessed with Broadway Musical songs from “Hamilton” if you haven’t heard of it, I would DEFINITELY check it out. I too, have had a Justin Bieber phase. I liked him a lot better before he grew up though. And I’ll make sure to check out all of those singers that you mentioned. And one last thing… Do you ride on kangaroos in Australia? Please check out my blog!!!

  2. Hi! My name is Mallory and I am from Ms.Ives class in Kentucky. I can totally relate to your post! Listening to music is one of my favorite things, and my favorites are always changing. I use SoundCloud, but I’ve heard Spotify is really good, so I will be trying it out soon. I use to be obsessed with Justin Bieber too (I’m also ashamed). I currently like listening to old music, especially classic rock, rap, and hip hop. One of my favorite songs at the moment in Broad Shoulders by Taylor Bennett. I can’t wait to check out your favorite artists! What is your favorite song?
    Check out my blog! I’m hoping my post about my favorite band will be posted soon!

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