A Girl Like Her

‘A Girl Like Her’ is a movie that I recently watched. I will write about it because I think everyone inside and outside of school should watch it.

It is an intensely sad movie about bullying. The movie is filmed in both the victim and bully’s perspective. It is a fictionalized documentary about their lives.

16 year-old Jessica, had been bullied for over a year by her ex-friend, Avery. Avery was the most popular girl in school. She was generally nice around everyone besides Jessica. She was constantly calling Jessica horrible names, embarrassing her and shoving her around. Jessica’s best friend, Brian, helps her out the whole time doing whatever he could. He had decided to put a secret camera on Jessica’s shirt so she could capture all the things Avery said and did. And Brian had a camera of his own, although Brian had to swear not to show anyone the footage they had collected.

After her attempt to commit suicide and she is put in a coma, Avery refuses to admit she had anything to do with it. Although, little did she know Jessica and Brian had caught it all on camera- the bullying. When the cameramen interview the students from the school they all suggest that Avery was the one victimising Jessica. Still Avery refused to say anything and was still being mean about it all. Brian figured that the only way Avery was going to confess what she had done and apologise to Jessica was by showing the footage of her bullying. After that, she then realised what she had been doing and felt extremely bad for what she had done.

This movie has changed the way many people act and treat people and I recommend everyone to watch it.